The Navy Office of Community Outreach (NAVCO) connects Americans with their Navy.  With most of the Navy's personnel and equipment logically concentrated on America's coasts, NAVCO oversees a number of community outreach programs designed to bring America's Navy to cities throughout the country which do not enjoy a significant Navy presence.


Our nationally-scoped programs, which can be explored in the tabs above, include:


  • The Navy Week program, which brings Navy Sailors, equipment and displays to approximately 15 American cities each year for a week-long schedule of outreach engagements.
  • The Naval Aviation Outreach program, which facilitates performances by the Navy Blue Angels and arranges flyovers and static displays by operational aircraft.
  • The Navy Music and Special Unit Outreach program, which facilitates performances by Navy bands, color guards, drill teams and other units.
  • The Navy's national Speakers Bureau, which provides Navy speakers for organizations and events across the country.
  • The Executive Engagement Visit program, through which senior Navy Flag Officers and civilian leaders visit cities throughout the country for 2-3 days of high-level engagements.
  • The Navy's national Media Outreach Program, which shares stories, photos and other content featuring Navy personnel with local media across America. 

NAVCO is proud to offer these programs as a means to increase Americans' understanding of their Navy, and its vital role in preserving national security and prosperity.

Staying Connected