The Navy Office of Community Outreach (NAVCO) connects Americans with their Navy.  With most of the Navy's personnel and equipment logically concentrated on America's coasts, NAVCO oversees a number of community outreach programs designed to bring America's Navy to cities throughout the country which do not enjoy a significant Navy presence.


Our nationally-scoped programs, which can be explored in the tabs above, include:


  • The Navy Week program, which brings Navy Sailors, equipment and displays to approximately 15 American cities each year for a week-long schedule of outreach engagements.
  • The Naval Aviation Outreach program, which facilitates performances by the Navy Blue Angels and arranges flyovers and static displays by operational aircraft.
  • The Navy Music and Special Unit Outreach program, which facilitates performances by Navy bands, color guards, drill teams and other units.
  • The Navy's national Speakers Bureau, which provides Navy speakers for organizations and events across the country.
  • The Executive Engagement Visit program, through which senior Navy Flag Officers and civilian leaders visit cities throughout the country for 2-3 days of high-level engagements.
  • The Navy's national Media Outreach Program, which shares stories, photos and other content featuring Navy personnel with local media across America. 

NAVCO is proud to offer these programs as a means to increase Americans' understanding of their Navy, and its vital role in preserving national security and prosperity.

Picture of Admiral and Both President Bushs  Navy Divers saluting an admiral Blue Angels
Admiral Speaking Leap Frogs USS Constitution Sailors
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